Ski Trip 2022

Saalbach Ski Trip 2022!



Dear Parents/Carers

Ski trip to The Alps    Friday 18 – Saturday 26 February 2022 

Just another update while we are experiencing some cracking Alpine temperatures in the South Coast!! For me, a sprinkling of overnight snow, -10 ?C and blue sky is perfect!!

Although we are still in the middle of lockdown and times are tough I am looking forward to seeing and talking to all students about the trip when they return.

As I am sure you are aware downhill skiing across Europe is almost totally shut down apart from Switzerland and the professional ski teams. There may be a loosening of restrictions before the season finishes but this is still not a certainty.

All being well in 12 months (and a few ‘sleeps’) we should be ready to go!! This will come round very quickly so please if you have any queries, just ask.

There is a ski trip link on our website to historical trips and information you may find useful in the future.

I will of course be in contact as soon as I have further details of our trip.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries

Yours faithfully

Charlie Colley

Assistant Head
Ski Trip Organiser




Ski trip to The Alps    Friday 18 – Saturday 26 February 2022

Just a short message to wish you all well in these difficult times. On a positive, in only 13 months’ time we will be departing for our trip to the Alps, this I can assure you will come around very quickly!! It is a good time to remind your son/daughter while we are experiencing some cold weather! I would recommend watching Ski Sunday (BBC 1 1800hrs), gives a good flavour of what’s to come!! (last February some students had the opportunity to ski part of the men’s downhill slope in Saalbach!!)

I will of course be in contact as soon as I have further details of our trip.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries

Yours faithfully

Charlie Colley
Assistant Head
Ski Trip Organiser


Ski Trip 2020 Hoodies




School Travel Ski Kit list

Please note that for coach trips, soft shell cases are preferred and you do not need to pack everything and anything.
Your skis, boots, poles and helmets will be provided in resort by Select School Travel. Specific ski clothing can either be bought or rented.



Please note that temperatures can vary throughout the week and throughout the day. We recommend several base layers are worn, rather than one big jacket.
You will need:

    • Ski salopettes
    • Ski jacket
    • Thick jumper/fleece
    • Ski socks
    • Ski gloves
    • Good quality ski goggles
    • Sunglasses (UV protective)
    • Base layers (long sleeved thermal tops and bottoms)
    • Warm hat
  • Neck warmer/snood
  • Sun cream and lip balm



Evening activities may take place outdoors and/or require a walk to get to, so bring appropriate clothing for any après ski activities.

  • Casual clothes for each evening
  • Outdoor boots or heavy shoes
  • Indoor shoes/slippers
  • Warm jacket
  • Swimming gear – boys speedo/tight shorts style for Austria



Bear in mind when packing how you are travelling to resort and the timeframes involved.
Useful items:

  • Wash bag (and towel)
  • Nightwear
  • Toiletries
  • Pillow for the journey
  • Food for the journey
  • Small rucksack



  1. Winter sports specific trousers. These should be wind and waterproof, preferably of ‘Gore-tex’ style breathable fabric. They should have elasticated ankle cuffs large enough to ¬fit outside a ski boot.
  2. Winter sports jacket. Again, it should have elasticated waist and wrist cuffs, and a high neckline allowing the zip to be closed right underneath the chin. Some people prefer to wear a ‘shell’ jacket without any warmth padding, then wear as many layers as necessary (see point 5. below) to stay warm. This allows people to compensate for variations in temperature by adding or reducing layers, especially toward the end of the season when days are warmer than in January and February. Choose a jacket with several zippable pockets – there is usually a lot to carry.
  3. Solid, waterproof walking boots. These need a good tread on the sole; important when walking to and from the slopes.
  4. Seamless ‘loop stitch’ knee length socks. Three pairs should suffice for the week. This type of sock prevents blisters, though only one pair of socks should be worn at a time – wearing two pairs increases the chance of blistering.
  5. A selection of T shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts, and/or thin/thick fleeces. This should allow the wearer to add or take off layers as required, the better to moderate temperature.
  6. Winter sports specific gloves. Again, these should be of a ‘Gore-tex’ style waterproof and breathable fabric. If the temperature is expected to be very cold, inner gloves help to keep hands warm. Woollen gloves are not suitable and should not be used.
  7. A hat. Woollen beanie hats, lumberjack hats, caps, most are suitable and very necessary. Cold hands or feet can be recti¬fied by wearing a hat, since 30% of body heat can be lost through the head. Hats that can cover the ears are preferable.
  8. A neck warmer. Choose a tube style adjustable warmer that you pull over your head and wear around your neck inside your jacket. Scarves are not suitable and should be avoided.
  9. Sun cream and lip balm. Although cold, the increased altitude means that everyone’s exposed skin can easily be burned by the sun, particularly in late season. The cold winds and speed of skiing also means that lip balm is advised.
  10. Eye Protection. Perhaps the most important item on the kit list. You should ensure that everyone wears eye protection at all times when on piste. This should be in the form of either goggles and/or sunglasses. If you are to choose out of the two, choose goggles. They should be bought from a reputable source and make sure they are the correct size. If you choose sunglasses, then choose soft easy to bend plastic frames and a wrap-around style to ¬ fit the face snugly. In both cases, the lenses should be 100% UVA and UVB resistant. Eye protection is not something to economise on.
  11. Travel pillow,
  12. Plug adaptors EU – 2 round pin
  13. Passport
  14. Snacks and drinks for the coach – nothing too sticky or smelly so as not to upset the driver.
  15. Big smile and a sense of adventure!




12th February 2019

Dear Parent/Carer,

Ski trip to Saalbach, Austria Friday 14 – Saturday 22 February 2020

As you are aware the UK are set to leave the European Union on 29th March 2019. There is uncertainty as to how this will affect travel and school visits to the EU, particularly in the event of no agreement between the UK and EU.

The government has begun to raise awareness and give advice on potential issues that could arise. I am therefore asking parents/carers to ensure they have the following in place, or applied to have them in place for their child, before March 29th 2019.

  • That your child’s passport is going to be valid for a minimum of 6 months after the date we are due to return from Spain. If their current passport is due to run out before the required time, please ensure you have applied for a new one.
  • Your child must have a ‘European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)’. If your child already has one of these please ensure it will still be in date for when they go on the trip. Whilst we are unsure whether, following Brexit, we will still be able to access state-provided healthcare in European countries, it is important that they each have one in place. If your child does not already have one of these you can apply for this for free at:

Whilst I appreciate this trip is 15 months away, it is important that we act on the government advice given to us.
Yours faithfully,

Charlie Colley
Assistant Head




Ski Trip to Zell am See, Austria 2018

In February 2018, Bourne Community College students went to Zell am See in Austria.

What an amazing week! The intrepid team departed Southbourne on a relatively balmy Friday afternoon to awake, fresh as daises, surrounded by mountains covered with snow at our destination. Kaprun, part of the Zell am See/Kitsteinhorn ski area in the heart of Austria, was beautiful, traditional and very friendly.

6 days of intensive skiing saw a huge amount of progress by all. Students experienced all the weather conditions the mountains could throw at them, from perfect sun to blizzards and temperatures down to -19°C!

Students reacted so well to the pace of the week and even enjoyed a swim in the hotel pool after their full days of skiing.

Our action packed evening activities included ice skating, a ski show, an ice hockey match, shopping in the town of Zell am See and a very memorable Karaoke night!

Each night we nominated ‘Donkey of the day’ where people told stories about others people’s funny moments. Our Donkeys of the week were Harry, Miss Harris, Izzy, Tess and Mondo.

Mr. Colley,

Assistant Headteacher



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