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Dear Parents & Carers

Following the report over the weekend in the rise of Strep A cases in the UK, I thought it would be helpful to send you some information about what signs and symptoms to look out for.

What is Group A Streptococcus? 

Group A Streptococcus is the name given to a type of bacteria sometimes found in the throat or on the skin and usually causes mild illness like sore throats and skin infections.  These are usually treatable with antibiotics, but rarely these bacteria can cause more severe illness called invasive Group A Streptococcal disease.

What are the symptoms? 

Symptoms include:

  • A rash
  • Sore throat
  • Flushed cheeks
  • A swollen tongue
  • Severe muscle aches
  • High fever
  • Localised muscle tenderness
  • Redness at the site of a wound

If you suspect your child may have Strep A please do not send them in to school, but rather call 111 or contact you GP for treatment and guidance.

Kind regards

Mrs Y Watkins
Head teacher


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