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Dear Year 6 and parents, carers,

Our vision at the Bourne is to provide a school that the community is proud of. That is what parents and carers, quite rightly, want and expect. Our common purpose is dedicated to help children develop into confident, successful and responsible adults who can play an active part in society, regardless of their background or prior achievement.

Our aim is to fully prepare our students for life beyond school and to ensure their success, during this crucial stage of their learning journey. We work hard to ensure they all make outstanding progress, academically and personally, to build on their self-confidence and self-belief and to develop their gifts and talents to the full. We want them to leave us in five years’ time, as responsible, happy young citizens, equipped and confident to thrive and contribute to the world beyond the Bourne Community College.

We are a UNICEF Rights Respecting school, and we are very proud of our Gold Status. The golden thread throughout the school is based on our RRSA Bourne Identity Charter.

We always place children at the heart of our planning and we pride ourselves on the relationships our staff have with our students, caring for them throughout the time they are with us. All of our work is founded on simple principles and a positive approach towards education, with respect at the heart of our work.

To achieve this we employ, retain and develop the best possible staff who also believe that every student can do their best given a chance and encouragement. In addition, we strive to deliver a first-class education based on high quality teaching, support and experiences both in and outside of the classroom. We believe that success should be measured both by academic progress and achievement, and also by one’s personal and social development and contribution to our community and to society. We also work closely with families to ensure that all our students are committed to learning and develop the character necessary to take advantage of all the opportunities we provide.

Choosing a secondary school is a challenging decision to make. Given the current pandemic, we are unable to offer you the traditional face to face Open Evening but we have worked hard to produce a number of short films and documents to support your decision making progress.

We hope you will enjoy our films to give you a flavour of our wonderful school and our students. If after watching you have any further questions, please do email us at:

Kind regards,

Yvonne Watkins
Head teacher






Headteachers Welcome


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Students Questions and Answers


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Virtual Tour


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Uniform and Equipment


School BlazerNavy blue blazer with school crest.
Skirt (girls)Tartan, pleated skirt.
Trousers (girls/boys)Black, conventional, formal style from school wear range.
Corduroy, canvas, denim, cropped, tightly or highly fitted, casual styles or trousers with ‘buckle’ belts or any other form of decoration are not acceptable.
Trousers MUST cover the ankle.
Blouse/ShirtPlain pastel blue with collar and sleeves (no denim).
Shirts must be worn tucked in.
T-shirts are not to be seen under shirts or blouses.
Pullover (optional)Navy blue jumper with School crest (must not be tucked into skirts/trousers).
Socks/TightsPlain black or navy socks/tights.
ShoesPlain ALL black, full shoe. Flat heeled, sensible style (no branded trainers or sports shoes). Logos and coloured laces are not acceptable.
Shoes must be leather/leather type and able to be polished. NO canvas shoes.
School TieTies (optional for girls), must be worn correctly.
CoatSuitable for cold/wet weather, to be worn over the school blazer.

PE/Games Kit


  • Plain black T-shirt and leggings (for gym/dance only)
  • Bourne games shirt
  • Black or navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Black or navy shorts and/or navy skort
  • Trainers
  • Towel
  • Hoodie (optional) available from the PE Department


  • Navy/white rugby shirt
  • Bourne games shirt
  • Plain black/navy shorts
  • Long navy football socks
  • Short white sports socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots
  • Shin pads
  • Towel
  • Hoodie (optional) available from the PE Department

Gum guards are advisable for some activities. No vest tops.


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Meet the Leadership Team

Mrs Watkins – Headteacher

As Head, I am delighted to be leading this unique school with a truly inspirational team of staff, a dedicated Governing body and a proactive student body – all of whom work together to improve the learning community we work and live in. I have worked here since 2001, starting as a part time linguist teaching French and German , and then leading the languages curriculum to create an outward international approach to learning through strong partnerships for both staff and students and to broaden the opportunities of all of our students.

Over the last four years we have expanded as a school and I am our proud of our successes, both in and out of the classroom: on the stage, or the sports field, or as part of one of the many extra-curricular groups and clubs that we host. We are all united in ensuring our school becomes a centre of excellence for the young people we have in our care, offering them the right opportunities to thrive and progress personally and academically during their five years with us.


Mr Colley – Assistant Headteacher

I qualified originally as a Molecular Biologist at Durham University before entering the Brittania Royal Naval College, Dartmouth. I then completed seven years in the Royal Navy as a Seaman Officer, with hundreds of thousands of sea-miles under my feet! I officially retired from the Navy at the age of 28 before making the leap into education. I have taught in a number of schools, and have now been at Bourne Community College since 2004.

I lead on Curriculum and Student Progress. We ensure that individual students have the best chance to flourish and make the best progress by tracking and providing the best possible curriculum opportunities for all.

I am passionate about alpine sports and have had the pleasure of sharing this with many students and staff over a number of years running the school ski trip.


Mrs Murray-Brown – Assistant Headteacher

It has been a pleasure to be part of the Bourne Community College staff team for 32 years. I very much enjoy meeting students whose parents I taught, sharing archive material with former students and reminiscing.

My current role is Assistant Headteacher for Student Support. This involves supporting all students, staff and parents to ensure that every student at this school has a positive and fulfilling experience during their time with us.

I am also the Designated Safeguarding Lead. We strive to ensure that everyone within our school community is safe and feels supported. I am very proud of the pastoral care we are able to offer here at Bourne; our staff team are extremely knowledgeable and are dedicated to the needs of our students.



Mrs Hardwick – Assistant Headteacher

I am a qualified English Teacher, having completed a degree in English Language at the University of Reading and then going on to complete a PGCE at Brighton University. I have been teaching for a number of years in different schools and am now very proud to be part of a forward-thinking and determined Leadership Team at Bourne Community College.

In my current role I lead on Teaching and Learning across the school. I am passionate about ensuring classroom practice is as effective as possible to ensure the best outcomes for students. I also oversee the professional development of staff within the school, keeping up to date with important educational research and strategy.

I am very proud to work in such a collegiate school with dedicated and professional staff. We are working hard to ensure we continually strive to give our students the best possible education, informed by our own professional development and research.


Mr Moore – Business Manager

I started work at the Bourne Community College in 1997, as the School Finance Officer. In that time I have seen a lot of changes and my role has expanded considerably.

I completed a CMI Post-Graduate Diploma in Strategic Management and am now the School Business Manager, responsible for the financial administration and educational environment of the school. I am fortunate to have a job role which is both challenging and varied, and provides me with the opportunity to interact with both staff and students on a daily basis.




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Trips and Opportunities

Year 7 London Trip




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Additional Videos

A Day in the Life at Bourne


Photo Presentation


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Admissions Information


Bourne Community College is a growing and unique 11-16 mixed comprehensive Trust school, valued and supported by the local community. We have been awarded the Unicef Rights Respecting Schools Award ‘Gold’, which very few secondary schools hold in the country and we are on our journey to become excellent in every way.

We have high expectations for our students and of our staff. We aim to provide the highest quality education in an atmosphere of mutual respect where everyone is valued. We are a fully inclusive school where each individual is supported to develop and nurture the values, skills and attributes that will enable them to become the very best that they can, regardless of their individual needs.

The Bourne Community College will admit students in accordance with West Sussex County Council’s current admissions guidelines.

If the number of applications for Bourne Community College is within the admission limit (180), places can normally be offered to all who apply. Where there are more applications that the admission limit, places are normally allocated in order of priority as follows –

Any child with an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) issued under the Children and Families Act 2014, naming the school will automatically be admitted to that school, under section 324 of the Education Act 1996.

  1. Children looked after (children in public care), children who were previously looked after who leave care under a special guardianship, residence or adoption order. Evidence must be provided.
  2. Children who need a place at the school on exceptional and compelling social, psychological or medical grounds. Evidence must be provided.
  3. Children who live in the catchment area with brothers or sisters already attending the school and who will still be there when the child starts.
  4. Other children who live in the catchment area.
  5. Children who live outside the catchment area with brothers or sisters already attending the school and who will still be there when the child starts.
  6. Other children who live outside the catchment area.

Admission procedures are operated through West Sussex County Council. Further information is available from School Admissions –
Pupil Admissions Office Tel: 033 301 42903 Fax: 01903 839214

Information for Parents – Admission to Secondary School in September 2021 – Click to download


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