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Dear Parents & Carers


Looking back this term I would like to say:

“a sincere thank you for all your support, probably one of the most challenging for schools in a long time. We have been amazed by the way the students have risen to the challenges of a return to the classroom and how well they have adapted to our new norm of Bubbles for learning and socialising, new cleaning routines and adapting to being back in the classroom.  We are proud of what they have achieved so far and look forward to a brighter 2021 for them all.”

You may have seen that from January, teachers and students will have access to rapid testing to help keep schools open during the Spring term.  We will issue more details in the New Year but it will mean that if we have a positive case next term, we can stay open without the need for whole year groups staying at home.

A few updates for you all as we are planning for our return in January:

  • We return on January 4th but expect students to return on Tuesday the 5th January
  • We are tweaking the timing of the school day slightly so that we finish at 2.30pm.  This is to avoid the issue of long lunchtimes in Year Group Bubbles outside in the cold and wet weather.   We are extremely restricted on covered space, so we have decided to take this action for the next term.
  • Buses will run at the earlier time except for the Bosham bus 121 and the 56
    (a waiting room will be provided for students who catch these 2 buses)
  • We will revert to our normal timings after Easter.

Most students returned in September
Excelling themselves on return
Reviewing their work in the classroom
Remembering all they had learnt
Youthful voices are heard in the corridors 

Xmas wishes are shared through the doors
Merriment is now all around us
And we send it on to you and yours
So have a very peaceful and safe Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Bourne 

We look forward to seeing all our students return on January 5th 2021!
Warm best wishes to you all,

Yvonne Watkins


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